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Product information

  • Photoresists for Displays
    Photoresists being used for manufacturing various display panels such as LCD, OLED, and Micro-LED. The CFPR(Color Filter Photoresists, Color resist, Overcoat, Column Spacer PR,
    Black Matrix PR)s are widely used to make normal color filter
    front substrate. Recently Multi-functional Photoresists like PAC, BCS(Black Column Spacer) and Black Bank(Black PDL)
    are getting more developed and applied for new display panels.
  • Encapsulation
    It is an encapsulating photosensitive material for protecting
    flexible OLED from moisture and oxygen. The materials can be classified as UV-curable Acryl-based Ink and Epoxy-based Ink,
    and both materials can be properly coated through inkjet printing process. We can control the refractive index and transmission property of the resulting thin film encapsulation membrane by adjusting monomers and photoinitiators as well as excellent
    jetting property by adjusting its viscosity and surface tension.
  • QD PR for
    QLED and µ-LED
    This PRs are applicable to a next-generation display using photoluminescence of Quantum Dot, whose FWHM of the
    emission light is narrow and wavelength changes according
    to the particle size of QD. QD is a kind of color conversion material (CCM) that produce G/R color by absorbing blue light of OLED
    or micro-LED and converting to Green and Red color with longer wavelengths.
  • Photodefinable
    Dielectric PR for
    It is an insulating material required to produce artificial intelligent 3D IC in order to cope with the market change due to the explosive growth of the semiconductor market by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is a photo-definable photosensitive material with
    low thermal expansion coefficient (CTE), excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties.
  • Key Materials
    for PR
    We are ready to provide customers with a variety of key materials
    for the photoresists : 1) Binder Resin capable of satisfying a variety of characteristics required in various photosensitive resin compositions
    2) Various kinds of highly sensitive photoinitiators(PIs) forming radical species efficiently on UV-exposure
    3) Monomers( Mono-, Di-, Tri-, Tetra-, Penta-, Hexa-Functional, etc.)
    4) Functional additives necessary to meet various requirements from customers : Adhesion Promoter, Curing Promoter, Thermal Polymerization Inhibitor, Leveling Agent, etc.




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