Product information

Photoresists for Displays

A For Normal
Color Filter
  1. 1Color Resist (R,G,B)
    This is a photo-radically polymerizable negative type of colorant-dispersed photoresists which can form sub-pixels of a color filter. It is possible to design various colors according to customer's color design. There are high-brightness grade with high transparency, high color reproduction grade with excellent color rendering ability, and high color reproduction/high reliability grade suitable for white OLED color filter, etc. In addition, we are researching and developing color photoresists applying new colorants such as dyes excellent in light resistance/heat resistance.
  2. 2Overcoat (OC)
    It functions as a color filter flattening and protective film. The most common ones are thermosetting OC, of which the advantage is the excellence in transparence, flatness, reliability and adhesion. In addition, there is a photodefinable OC that can be patterned by photolithography, thereby used to form touch panels and various types of transparent insulating layers.
  3. 3Column Spacer (CS)
    This is a negative type of photoresists that can form a Photo Spacer or Patterned Spacer (PS) that maintains a constant Gap of the LCD Cell. It is a high resolution CS PR that can create high resolution CS, and it can simultaneously form both Gap CS for maintaining normal Cell Gap and Touch CS for supporting Gap when pressing LCD cell by using HTM (Half Tone Mask).
  4. 4Black Matrix (BM)
    It is a Pixel Defining Layer that prevents unintentional Back Light leakage in areas not driven by electrodes, protect from external light entering the TFT area, and blocks the color mixing effect between color filter sub-pixels. It is a customized negative type of black photoresist which can adjust the resistance value, dielectric constant, optical density (OD), size of fine pattern width, etc.
B Multi
  1. 1PAC (Photo-acryl)
    Photo-acryl is a transparent photoresist that acts as a flattening/protection/insulation layer in a COA or COT panel and forms a Via channel connecting the electrodes. There are products with excellent flatness and high resolution.
  2. 2BCS (Black column spacer)
    It is a negative type of photoresist that simultaneously works as BM and CS, and it has low OD product and high OD product grade according to OD.
  3. 3Black Bank (Black PDL)
    This is a negative type of high-resistance/low-permittivity black photoresist which functions both pixel defining layers(PDL) and insulation in OLED panels. It has an advantage to reduce the manufacturing cost of the panel by eliminating the circular polarizer that is necessary with transparent Bank to reduce reflection of entering lights.