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Key Materials for PR

K Key Materials
for PR
  1. 1Binder Resin (Polymer solution)
    We have various kinds of Binder products in order to satisfy various properties required in various photoresists.

    [Classification by Chemical Structure] Acrylic / Epoxy / Urethane / Cardo / Imide

    [Classification by application] For photoresist (PR matrix) / For insulating film / For mill base dispersion /
    For thermal (low temperature) curing

    [Classification by Characteristics] PR Processibility / Dispersion Stability / Chemical Resistance / Developability / High Brightness / High Sensitivity / High Heat Resistance

  2. 2PI (photoinitiator)
    We have various kinds of highly photosensitive photoinitiator that can form radical species and polymerize acrylic reactive groups when it receives UV light with high energy.

    Oxime-ester-based photoinitiator / s-Triazine-based photoinitiator / Phosphineoxide-based photoinitiator

  3. 3Monomers
    Acryl-based monomer for binder. Cardo monomer.

    Multi-Functional monomers which can be used as crosslinking agents
    (2 functional groups/3 functional groups/4 functional groups, etc.) / Multi-functional monomers with acid values

  4. 4Functional additives
    Various materials can be provided according to customer's needs.

    Photosensitizer / Adhesion Promoter / UV-Absorber / Surfactant / Curing accelerator / Thermal polymerization inhibitor / Antioxidant