Technical information

Product Introduction


Material mixed with other components to form membranes
It requires compatibility, coating, developability, chemical resistance, and heat

Binder Classification Characteristic Product Solvent
Acrylic L-type No Crosslinking Group 9 Types PGMEA
R-type Includes Crosslinking Group 13 Types
E-type Includes Crosslinking Group and External Acid Group 11 Types
Cardo LC-type No Crosslinking Group 1 Type
Silane SiO High Permeability /
High Hardness
1 Type Alcohol
Epoxy Epoxy High Refractive 1 Type  
Packaging Container Jerrycan Drum
Filling Amount 18 kg 180 kg

CF-PR(Color Filter Photoresist)

Negative photoresist for expression of various color ranges

PR Product Solvent
Red 8 Types PGMEA
Green 8 Types
Blue 7 Types
Packaging Container Canister(18 kg) Canister(38 kg)
Filling Amount 18 kg 38 kg

Status of Facilities

Facilities Main Function Product Installation Status
Stirrer Formulation-Based Product Production Color and Transparent Photoresist 2 Types (7 Units)
Synthesis Reactor Synthesis Reaction-Based Product Production Acrylic and Silane Binder, OC 4 Types (6 Units)
Feed Vessel Automatic Raw Material Input Liquid Raw Material 3 Types (10 Units)
Clean Filling Facilities Particle and Foreign Matter Control All Products 2 Types (2 Units)