Product information

QD PR for OLED and µ-LED

This PRs are applicable to a next-generation display using photoluminescence of Quantum Dot,
whose FWHM of the emission light is narrow and wavelength changes according to the particle size of QD.
QD is a kind of color conversion material (CCM) that produce G/R color by absorbing blue light of OLED
ormicro-LED and converting to Green and Red color with longer wavelengths.

Quantum Dot photoresist is capable of achieving a wide range of color reproduction due to its narrow
FWHM (Green 36nm / Red 39nm) as well as fine patterning below 10μm through photolithography.

QD PR for OLED and µ-LED

QDs in backlight unit (QDEF)

  • qdCf-lcd

    QDs color filters (QDCF)

  • OLED

    QD color filters (QDCF)

  • Micro LED

    QD color filters (QDCF)