Product information

Low-Temperature Color Photoresist for XR Display

1. LT- Color Resist (R,G,B) :

The negative type low-temperature photoresist is designed for next-generation XR (AR/VR) display and it is applicable to low-temperature process and top emission method. It supports various color spectrum designs customized for customer’s color coordinates and displays. ChemE is also researching and developing new colorant-based color photoresist with excellent light stability/heat resistance, low-reflection color photoresist for removing polarizers, and color photoresist applied with high refractive materials to boost light extraction efficiency and reduce power consumption.

2. Development Product Groups :

  • 1) WOLED用 LT- Color Resist (R,G,B)
  • 2) RGB-OLED用 LT- Color Resist (R,G, B)
  • - High-intensity grade with high permeability
  • - Low-intensity grade with low permeability
  • - High color-purity grade with narrow FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum, FWHM)
  • - High color-gamut grade with outstanding color expression performance

3. Applicable Displays :

  • 3) XR(AR/VR) Display, Pol-less Display, OLEDoS, LT-OLED, Flexible OLED