Company introduction

CEO Greetings

ChemE Co., Ltd. aims to achieve mutual growth
and good sharing throughconstant research and value creation.

Thank you very much for your interest and visit.

ChemE Co., Ltd. is a R&D-based electronic material company that has strong strength in research and production of photosensitive materials for displays (LCD, OLED, μ-LED) and semiconductors.

We make every effort to develop business competitiveness as a total solution provider that co-develops products that customers want and grows with customers with quality and service that surpass customer expectations.

In addition, we are actively expanding new businesses such as development of integrated functional photosensitive materials for next-generation display, photosensitive inkjet printing inks, and various low temperature cured photo-definable dielectric materials applicable to next-generation artificial intelligent 3D IC semiconductor packages, and realizing the vision of global leading company in the field of photosensitive materials.

We would like to ask you of your interest and encouragement for ChemE Co., Ltd. who is preparing for the future with constant challenge and innovation and growing as a global R&D innovation company.
Thank you.

CEO Kim Seonghyeon